Saxena Apartments Project TextNew Delhi, India
2011 - 2013

The design chose to work within the fabric and scale of the context, anchoring this building firmly between a neighborhood park on the north and a busy street on the west. Each apartment is envisioned as a container of sunlight, mapping the changing intensity of the sun on a highly reflective limestone floor.

Rooms are organized around an interior “plaza”, eliminating circulation corridors and facilitating visual links between the rooms to the park and street outside. The choice of monolithic, sandblasted Gwalior sandstone panels for the facades enabled us to collaborate with the stone craftsmen, creating shade screens as thermal buffers on the street. By reducing the density of the stone on the north facing balconies, we imagined them as lanterns illuminating the public garden. By employing a spare palette of materials – limestone floors, plastered masonry walls, and insulated glass – the interior spaces echo variations in the quality of light, and the color of the surrounding foliage, the only urban links to topography and landscape, making the inhabitants aware of a sense of the elemental.

Area: 1,152 sq.m.

Himanshu Parikh – Structural engineer
Electro Consultants – Electrical engineer
Vinod Sharma – Plumbing engineer

Saxena Apartments