Maharashtra Nature Park Project TextMumbai

Situated in the dense urban fabric of Mumbai where rapid development has led to the marginalization of natural habits, the Maharashtra Nature Park creates an ecological threshold between the Mithi river and Mumbai  .

The architectural lining the park erodes to accommodate the abundant existing trees, creating a landscape of courtyards and buildings, interwoven into the forest. Public amenities define the edge between Dharavi Depot road and the park. A community center and sanitation facilities provide a social threshold to Dharavi on the east.

The bridge is conceptualized as a multi-level activity corridor. In its first phase, the upper level will provide a direct connection for the daily commute between Lal Bahadur Shastri road and Bandra Kurla Complex that can be accessed at all times. As the river becomes cleaner through a series of interventions, floating platform will be added in the second phase.These lower level platforms will provide a richer level of interaction with the river providing a space for economic and cultural activities and a unique experience for the visitor

By creating a direct  pedestrian and cyclist connection between Bandra Kurla Complex and Dharavi, the project situates itself as an urban equalizer. The park is envisioned as an inclusive urban space for students, visitors, commuters and Dharavi residents.


Area: 68,796.6 sq.m.

vir.mueller architects

Buro Happold – Structural engineer


Maharashtra Nature Park