Office for GAP Project TextNew Delhi, India
2012 - 2013

The brief for the GAP Headquarters was to create a lively yet efficient workplace on a very tight budget with seating for about 300 employees including senior executives, several large and small meeting rooms, a large cafeteria and support services such as toilets, pantries, IT / network rooms, storage etc.

The limited access to natural light from the north and south into this deep space guided the design to make the most efficient use of available sunlight. To clearly express a very efficient layout and also create a lively atmosphere, we chose to employ a simple yet rich material palette. The focus of the entire assembly is the wall of the entrance corridor which is clad in brushed stainless steel sheets etched with patterns that the company uses in the production of garments, representing the modern ethos and work culture of the company.

Area: 2,280 sq.m.

Client: GAP inc.

MJ Consultants – HVAC consultant
Lopez Electricals – Electrical engineer
Vinod Sharma – Plumbing engineer

Office for GAP