Delwara Public Toilets Project TextDelwara, Rajasthan, India

This project sought to create the fundamental infrastructure required for a community toilet – the first of its kind in the town.  Given the scarcity of water in the desert and the high levels of ground-water contamination from septic tanks, a dry-composting prototype was selected as the optimal model for this site.  Incorporating rubble masonry for walls, and a bamboo framing system for the roof, the design emphasizes an aesthetic of non-industrial materials crafted by local artisans. The scale of this project was determined by the limitation of semi-skilled and skilled craftsmen working entirely by hand – the villagers are skilled in stone masonry and carving and proposed to participate in the construction. The site for the toilets was selected with the consent of the Delwara community. A shaded central plaza anchors village gatherings adjacent to the community toilet. Rainwater collected from the roofs is directed into concrete cisterns containing sand and charcoal filters.

Area: 52 sq.m.

Client: National Foundation for India

Delwara Public Toilets