Wolkem India Ltd. Project TextUdaipur, Rajasthan, India
2007 - 2010

For their new corporate office, Wolkem India Ltd. established a clear design mandate: they wanted to inhabit Udaipur’s first environmentally sensitive office building. The design solution emerged from a set of simple principles – all employees must have direct access to natural light and ventilation, the materials and surfaces should require minimal maintenance, and the energy efficiency of the building should be maximized. Our aesthetic vocabulary amplifies these principles. The north and south elevations incorporate large span insulated glazing systems leading to outdoor balconies. The east and west walls are designed as cavity walls with minimal glazing to reduce heat load in the summer. The facades are clad in local sandstone, contrasting with the exposed concrete beams and louvers. The executive wing, sited in the north east corner of the site, has a view of the desert hills. The entire sequence remains grounded in a courtyard oasis – planted with trees casting dappled shadows on the walls, and echoing the sound of water from a reflecting pool.

Area: 3,720 sq. m

Client: Wolkem India Ltd.

Mr. M.L. Bapna – Structural/Plumbing engineer
Jhaveri Associates – Electrical engineer
Dhakar Associates – Mechanical/Firefighting engineer

Wolkem India Ltd.