Carona Estate Project TextAldona, Goa, India
2008 - 2009

This private 5 acre retreat for an art collector, is oriented towards the spectacular views of the River and agricultural rice paddies. The design is carefully sculpted into the topography, to obtain harmony with the existing flora and fauna. The site offers a stunning view of distant hills. The land descends beneath an intertwined canopy of cashew trees, transitions to flat paddy fields, and then encounters a bend in the Mandovi River. Two fresh water wells occur at the threshold of the slope and the plain. The program calls for a sequence of four private residences, connected with a shared area for entertainment and dining. Athletic facilities including a pool house, service and staff rooms complete the program. The design strategy accords priority to the nuances of the landscape. The architecture rests lightly upon the land, enabling subtle confluences of light, ventilation and view. High ceilinged rooms transition to large verandahs, where the roof creates deep overhangs.

Built up area: 730 sq.m.


Carona Estate