Defence Colony Residence Project TextNew Delhi, India
2009 - 2011

This four-story townhouse, comprising of two separate units, occupies a constricted urban site in an upscale Delhi neighborhood. The design of the house was an effort to demonstrate a new typology for the re-development and re-densification of the older neighborhoods of our cities while at the same time trying to fit in an extensive program requirement. The layout of the residence responds to the need for clearly defined spaces and circulation, as the units are designed to house three generations with different needs. The load bearing masonry structure, particularly appropriate for this earthquake prone location, is exposed on the exterior and select interior walls. Beamless flat slabs help in substantially reducing cost by eliminating extra steel and formwork. Innovative masonry brick screens, outside the deeply recessed balconies of the living spaces, filter in light from the strong western sun while large plate glass windows with insulated glazing bring ample amount of light to the bedrooms.

Area: 1,022 sq.m.

Himanshu Parikh – Structural engineer
Gupta Consultants – MEP consultant

Defence Colony Residence