Residence by the Ganges Project TextRishikesh, Uttaranchal, India

The home and collections museum of the Savara Collection are seamlessly arrayed along the sculptured ghats. The architectural forms assembled on the slopes are oriented upstream towards the rushing waters of the Ganga. The sculpting of the earth has been orchestrated with deliberation and care. The interplay between architectural form and the majesty of the landscape constitutes the genesis of the design. The interior spaces are carefully proportioned, relating the rituals of habitation to the presence and scale of the Savara Collection. Each of the architectural elements – the stairs, the fireplaces, the public and private chambers, the roof-terrace pavilions – are choreographed and scaled with purpose. The interior sequences of movement and repose, mirror the rhythms of landscape and art. Light and view are treated as primary protagonists within this ensemble of space. A stone path from the ghats leads to the temple pavilion – a contemplative terrace for introspection. An independent studio / residence for visiting curators has been situated adjacent to the entry court. The project attains equilibrium between the character and depth of the Savara collection, and a vital sense of its extraordinary spatial surroundings.


Residence by the Ganges